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3rd August 2005

7:03pm: "braves are road trippin'"
nothing makes me more happier right now than the braves.


yeah, i might need a life, but who cares.
Current Mood: ahhhh haaaa.

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1st February 2005

10:54pm: ...because it goes hand-in-hand:
A driver who dosen't show up +
and food an hour late =
FREE food an hour from now.

Current Mood: still

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31st January 2005

12:51pm: marker:
January 31, 2005:

A baada on pizza is started.

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30th September 2004

6:35pm: ...it's home, but i want out:
I'm sick of ATL drama.  I miss ATL a lot because of a few people and I am going back this weekend because of them and because I'm making them all hang out with me (I'm such a bitchy one), and I just want to chill minus drama, minus tension, minus the talking.

I'm sick of first impressions.
I'm sick of people who complain.
I'm sick of second impressions.
I'm sick of people who talk about others blindly.

Just shut up.  Let other people live thier life.  They'll make thier own mistakes, they'll have fun, they'll succeed, they'll fail miserably at times, it's thier life and it's not being lived for you to gossip about.

If I can't get into Terry, then I just may apply out-of-state for Accounting school and/or Law School.  I know for sure I'm getting an Englsih degree here and I'm finishing out my Pre-business credits and am applying to Terry, which I don't think I'll get into because its so selective.

Just listen to the wind and follow it, dammit.  I wish people would listen, for once.

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27th September 2004

9:57am: ...damn you, jeanne...
it smells damned good outside but its too damned windy.  blah wind.

wee, english.  me gusta ingles mucho porque en miercoles nosotros veremos 'shattered glass'. 

spanish is next semster. 
Current Mood: much better.

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17th September 2004

6:09am: six am:


Due to existing conditions Friday morning, and out of
concern for the safety of our students and employees, the University of Georgia will be closed on Friday, Sept. 17.

The College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
alumni events scheduled for Friday afternoon and evening,
and the Athletics Circle of Honor event scheduled for Friday evening, will be held as planned.

Back to fucking sleep.  ATL is near flooded so I might be stuck here.

I'll worry about it when I wake back up in a few hours. 

There's another one after Jeanne:  MAKE THEM AND THIER BABIES STOP!

Good Mornin'.
Current Mood: sleepy/happy

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16th September 2004

12:44pm: ...damn you, Ivan...
So outside its shitty, but its not a bad day at all.  The only thing that irks me is that when my mom called, she said that my sister is sleeping. 


Because DeKalb-fucking-County closed for today and tomorrow.  That's why. 

Why didn't this ever happen when I went there?

Thank God its Thursday and that I'm done, haha. 

Current Mood: amused

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7th September 2004

9:57am: ...damn you, frances....
TO:  UGA faculty, staff and students

The University of Georgia's main campus in Athens is open
and operating on a regular schedule today, Tuesday, Sept. 7.

All UGA classes and offices at the Gwinnett University
Center in Lawrenceville are closed today, Tuesday, Sept. 7
due to electrical power being out at the Gwinnett Center.

This morning was fuckng hell.  My jeans are still soaked, my umbrella didn't do shit, and only seven people showed up for class.  Thank God its Tuesday and that I'm done. 

DeKalb County on the other hand is fucking closed.  How come when I went to high school there, they never closed for heavy rain/wind gusts.  Blah, blah, blah.  I guess I since I'm awake I ought to do some work.  I'd sleep, but I know I'd never wake up and I'd curse myself for wasting the day. 

Ah fuck, I think I'll just freewrite instead. 

On the other hand, hope you have a Happy Frances Day.
Current Mood: annoyed/wet/lightheaded

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13th August 2004

1:01am: ...alternate track...
this time, i want something new.

new music,
new books,
new topics.

current minesCollapse )

contribute and spread joyy.
Current Mood: unable to sleep/exhausted/loose

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9th August 2004

3:51pm: if you have a minute, watch this:

Click on BELL CANADA: Olympics.

Its simply gorgeous.

And I'll give you a treat if you can guess the song. ;-)
Current Mood: floating in beauty.

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8th August 2004

5:46pm: Sometimes I love Little India:

+ "That's not surprising. A bindi on Madonna may be cool but my mom wearing a bindi is still a 'dothead' and a target for discrimination," says Anmol Chaddha who is also a research associate with ARC, referring to the Dotbuster gangs that harassed and attacked South Asians in the 80's. "Our lives as South Asians are not improved because white Americans can go to malls and try on bindis. They after all can take them off when they are not convenient."

-- http://supra.websitewelcome.com/~little/june2004/Brownie%20Points.htm

+ "The colors seemed to have been drained out of her life. Says Aparna, "The small pleasures of life I used to experience in India, I do not experience here. In India, standing on your balcony, you see life, you see kids playing, you see people sitting together. Neighbors stop to laugh and chat and find out how you're doing.
"Here I would sit on the deck in the suburbs. All around me, there are beautiful trees, beautiful landscapes, and lovely cars. But there are no people. You might as well hang up a pretty picture in your living room and just keep on watching that. What's the difference?"

-- http://littleindia.com/august2004/UnhappyinAmerica.htm

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27th July 2004

10:22pm: ...a reminder for myself...
"dimple, you know when we were little, just after i met you, i used to stare for hours at our atlas and where you came from, your family, halfway across the world.  i couldn't believe my luck - or maybe your lack of it - that you ended up in plain springfield despite all those mountains and oceans and unpronounceable places in between.  you're so lucky that you have more than one part of the map that maeans something to you.  i wish i had something like that.  a culture, a country."

- gwyn to dimple;
born confused by tanuja desai hidier
Current Mood: alive & proud

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26th June 2004

4:48pm: ...try this on for size...

Check her out.  I was listening to 99X for the first time in a long time, and I love this song.  The beat is different -- fusion of techno and a lot of other things -- and the vocals are nice as well.  I think I'll DL the album, but if it dosen't work, them I'm gonna buy it.  And then I'll give it away 'cause I'll rip it. 

tonight's summits with mel and crew.  :-)

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22nd June 2004

12:44am: ...new screenname...
call me NISHA

bravesviLLe will be used until I notify everyone about it.

Current Mood: new

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14th June 2004

8:39pm: ...what i am composed of...
I find it hilarous. And true. Maybe even mercy.

How to make a 708-03j

1 part mercy

1 part silliness

1 part joy
Combine in a tall glass half filled with crushed ice. Add a little cocktail umbrella and a dash of wisdom

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29th April 2004

7:26pm: ...your hand in mine...
Looks like I'm ordering Explosions in the Sky's The World is not a Cold Dead Place, considering that I can't find all of its songs on Bearshare or Kazaa. I swear, Explosions in the Sky, Death Cab for Cutie and The Postal Service are comfort artists for me.

I want you to feel them, therefore:

Death Cab for Cutie mp3s:
+ A Movie Script Ending: http://music.barsuk.com/DeathCab_MovieScript.mp3
+ Title and Regristration: http://music.barsuk.com/DeathCabForCutie_TitleAndRegistration.mp3
+ Song for Kelly Huckaby: http://music.barsuk.com/Death.Cab_Song.For.Kelly.H.mp3
+ Champagne from a Paper Cup: http://music.barsuk.com/Death.Cab_Champagne.mp3

The Postal Service mp3s:
+ The District Sleeps Alone Tonight: http://www.subpop.com/scripts/main/download.php?url=/downloads/free/The_District_Sleeps_Alone_Tonight238.mp3&mid=238
+ Such Great Heights: http://www.subpop.com/scripts/main/download.php?url=/downloads/free/Such_Great_Heights214.mp3&mid=214

Explosions in the Sky mp3s:
+ Memorial: http://www.temporaryresidence.com/www/listen/explosions_memorial.mp3
+ The Only Moment We Were Alone: http://angels-gone.com/explosionsinthesky/media/Explosions%20In%20The%20Sky%20-%2020021024%20-%2003%20the%20only%20moment%20we%20were%20alone.mp3

Be calm. You'll live longer that way.
Current Mood: awake

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27th April 2004

7:51pm: ...she wastes time in a gorgeous manner...
This survey is my break. Taken from Rob's (rob417) LJ.

click here, dumbassCollapse )
Current Mood: here.

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25th April 2004

10:01pm: ...Time drags in the moment, but he flew afterwards...
I'd like to be like Time. He crams so much energy, patience, and adrenaline in a matter of hours that after spending your days with him, you feel sickenly tired, but fulfilled. Sleep will never come so easy as it will tonight.

Time has shown me what Atlanta and its suburbs is all about from eating at an expensive but tiny resturant to roaming and feeling the music in Fox's Egyptian Ballroom to having people roll down thier windows to snap a picture of you and friends dressed up, waiting for a table at Pleasant Peasant, to driving on highway 155, a two-lane country road, while you blast music sharing high laughs to sitting in his kitchen with friends at two in the morning, snacking and talking and laughing to locking out two of your friends out of thier own room so you can catch two hours sleep to eating breakfast for seven at eight in the morning with tired eyes to seeing him yell your name with music in the background and giving you a warm hug to bidding a goodmorning to sunshine seeping through blinds.

I wish Time were mine.
Current Mood: ...high but drained...

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20th April 2004

9:13pm: ...you are my addiction...
An update because thinking about myself has reached to the point where I feel like shooting myself (and if you think that is literal, I think you ought to shoot yourself). I have 1.7 of 15+ chapters of my Senior Memory Book completed. I'd say that is an accomplishment considering that I had 1.5 chapters done before tonight. If I keep going at this rate, I'll be done in a couple of years, which will work for me but won't work for my grade. So...an order of staying up two Sundays from now, typing out incoherent pages seems to be brewing. I wish these last four weeks or so would hurry up and fly on by.

Score is Reds 3, Braves 2, which makes for a nice, tight game considering that the Braves have done pretty damned well in thier last few games -- a series against the Marlins -- surprising a lot of people. Giles has been on a nice steak, which is nice to watch, and DeRo has had some magic hands, which is even nicer to watch. What's the nicest to watch is them wearing thier grey jackets. I love looking into the dugout and seeing Bobby Cox's stern face donning that grey jacket. Hilarious.

Before I leave, nothing completes this entry like listing things that are making me love life/things that I am looking forward towards:

+ Braves baseball
+ John Mayer's "Not Myself"
+ Jump, Little Children
+ NYC trip next month
+ Graduation next month
+ Prom this weekend
+ Randomness
+ Psychology
+ Chapsku
+ Home movies with Nith

Security level: public

--fare well
Current Mood: ...awake and here...

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18th April 2004

11:46pm: what i wanna know...
...is how the hell did friendster become the new craze over the last year?


go make friends, and be ulkee.

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11th April 2004

12:44am: ...because baseball is fucking beautiful...
+ it makes conversations between my dad and i more enjoyable.
+ gives me something superficial to worry about.
+ i love watching baseball tonight, mindlessly.
+ i also love watching derosa on a regular basis.

NL East
Florida: 4-1
Atlanta: 3-2
Montreal: 2-3
Mets: 2-3
Philly: 1-4

AL West
Oakland: 4-1
Anaheim: 3-2
Texas: 3-2
Seattle: 0-5
Current Mood: ...i float...

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1st April 2004

9:58pm: ...one word opinions...
Please sum up your opinion or impression of me in one word, leave it as a comment in this posting, and then post this sentence in your own journal.


I liked this idea because the thought of summing alot of qualities up into one word is ingenious. Taken from usp121sgn's journal.
Current Mood: ...she floats...

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13th March 2004

10:31pm: ...te amo el mundo...
That's all I have to say, but this owns.
Current Mood: bouncy

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